Philodendron 'Xanadu' 10"

Philodendron 'Xanadu' 10"

Philodendron spp.
One of the easiest to grow, tropical foliage plant families. They come in a diversity of sizes, shapes, colors and habits from trailing heart-leaf types, upright to climbing red-leaf and large, lobed or P. selloum. Use in hanging baskets, trailing from shelves or on plant stands. Larger varieties make wonderful floor plants. Note: Monstera spp. is a relative of Philodendron with similar care requirements, but they are classified as separate genus and often combined or confused. 'Xanadu' aka 'Winterbourn' features large, leathery green leaves that span up to 18 inches by 14 inches. Unlike many other varieties, this is not a climber and has more of an upright, bushy habit. Grow in medium to low, indirect lighting 8-10? from windows, middle of a dim room, or in low fluorescent lighting. Prefers average household temperatures, 60?-70?F. Keep soil evenly moist to slightly dry. Supply extra humidity by setting on a shallow tray of moistened pebbles. Feed with Osmocote or Miracle-Gro April-September.

  • Medium to Low Light
  • 4' h x 5' w
  • Container Garden
  • Pleasing Foliage

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