Monstera, Swiss Cheese Plant 'Ginny ' 6"

Monstera, Swiss Cheese Plant 'Ginny ' 6"

Monstera deliciosa
One of the easiest to grow, tropical foliage plant families. They are often confused with Philodendron, but their foliage develops distinctive holes and splitting which botanists believe that gives them an advantage in weathering tropical storms. Plant habit is upright to climbing or trailing, and will climb a support. Note: Monstera spp. is a relative of Philodendron with similar care requirements, but they are classified as separate genus and often combined or confused. 'Ginny' is a mini monstera that is also an epiphytic climbing vine. Keep soil evenly moist to slightly dry. Supply extra humidity by setting on a shallow tray of moistened pebbles. Feed with Osmocote or Miracle-Gro April-September. Grow with other medium to low indirect light houseplants such as Peace Lily, Snake Plant, Dracaena, Spider Plant and Chinese Evergreens.

  • Low to Medium Light
  • 12-70"h x 6-36"w
  • Container Garden
  • Pleasing Foliage

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