Butterfly Bush Buzz® 'Velvet' 1 Gallon

Butterfly Bush Buzz® 'Velvet' 1 Gallon

Buddleia davidii

Butterfly Bush is one of the top pollinator attractants for Northeast Ohio gardens, and it exhibits excellent deer resistance, too! Plants are typically upright, oval to vase-shaped, with long panicles of fragrant florets from June until frost. Perfect for sunny, mixed perennial beds, pollinator gardens, and shrub borders. Buzz® 'Velvet' displays flowers with magenta, purple, and blush tones with a warm, orange center from summer to fall on a compact habit perfect for smaller spaces. Plant in well-drained, amended soil. Water well after planting; maintain 1" of water, once a week, for the first year. Cut back to 6-12" in spring when new growth appears. Mulch 2" to suppress weeds, retain moisture, and protect against extremes of soil temperature.

  • Full Sun
  • 3-4' h x 2-3' w
  • Deer Resistant
  • Attracts Butterflies

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