Coneflower Double Scoop™ Cranberry 1 Gallon

Coneflower Double Scoop™ Cranberry 1 Gallon

Echinacea hybrid Coneflowers have been dramatically improved in recent years in order to bloom prolifically from their very first year from seed. They are exemplary magnets for butterflies and birds, and do perform wonderfully in sunny landscapes and containers. Coneflower pair well with coreopsis, ornamental grasses, and bee balm. This variety produces saturated, cranberry red, double pom-pom flowers that do not bleach out in order to put on a sizzling hot show of color during summer. Plant in moist but well-drained, nutrient rich soil amended with organic matter like compost and planting mix. Water well after planting; maintain 1" of water, once a week the first year. Use slow release fertilizer in spring or at planting; reapply midsummer. Mulch 1-2" to suppress weeds and retain soil moisture. Plant alongside baby's breath, Coreopsis, gayfeather, and ornamental grasses.

  • Full Sun
  • 24-26" h x 16-22" w
  • Deer Resistant
  • Supports All Pollinators

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