Weed Beater® Ultra 16oz hose end

Weed Beater® Ultra 16oz hose end

Effective on over 200 hard to kill weeds, right to the roots. Visible results in just 24 hours, rainfast once dry. Reseed in just 2 weeks! Superior cool weather performance down to 45°F allows control of early and late-season weeds.

  • Does not kill grass
  • Works on wild onions

mcpa mecoprop dicamba carfentrazone clover bedstraw bindweed bittercress wintercress cress black medic oxtongue broomweed burdock burweed buttercup carpetweed chickweed cockle creeping charlie creeping jenny cudweed dandelion dichondra dock filaree pulsey galinsoga ground ivy groundsel hawkweed henbit knotweed lambsquarters lespedeza matchweed morning glory mustard nettle oxalis woodsorrel sorrel pearlwort smartweed pennywort pennycress dollarweed pepperweed pigweed pineappleweed plantain poison ivy poison oak pokeweed purslane red sorrel shepherds purse sowthistle spurge spurweed tanweed thistle crownvetch velvetleaf buttonweed bullthistle wild onion wild garlic wild violet rocket

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