Philodendron 'Minima' 12CM (5")

Philodendron 'Minima' 12CM (5")

Philodendron spp.
Philodendron is one of the easiest to grow, tropical foliage plant families. They come in a diversity of sizes, shapes, colors, and habits, and they can be used in hanging baskets, trailing from shelves, or on plant stands. Larger varieties make wonderful floor plants. 'Minima' is a vining variety with small, glossy, green leaves that develop fenestrations as they mature, which is why it has also become known as a 'Mini Monstera'. This variety thrives in many lighting conditions, thought bright indirect light will suppport foliage color best. Grow 8-10' from windows, in the middle of a dim room, or in low fluorescent lighting. Prefers average household temperatures, 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep soil evenly moist to slightly dry. Supply extra humidity by setting on a shallow tray of moistened pebbles. Feed with indoor houseplant fertilizer April-September per package instructions.

  • Bright Indirect to Low Light
  • 12-24" h x 10-12" w
  • Low Maintenance
  • Pleasing Foliage

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