Prayer Plant 'Green' 4"

Prayer Plant 'Green' 4"

Maranta spp.
A well-known but small family of tropical foliage plants with beautifully colored, oval leaves that fold in the evening like a pair of praying hands. Prayer plants are safe to grow around children and pets. The also make wonderful, small potted windowsill plants, and work well in mixed dish gardens. Also, they are relatives to Calathea. Grow in medium, indirect lighting 6-8? from a sunny window, middle of a bright room, or in 12-14 hours of fluorescent lighting. Prefers cool to average household temperatures, 60?-70?F. Keep soil evenly moist to slightly dry. Supply extra humidity by setting on a shallow tray of moistened pebbles. Feed with Osmocote or Miracle-Gro April-September.

  • Medium to Low Light
  • 6-12" h x 6-12" w
  • Container Garden
  • Pleasing Foliage

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