Begonia I'conia® Portofino Citrix Quart

Begonia I'conia® Portofino Citrix Quart

Begonia x hybrida

This is an impressive hybrid begonia that produces 4 inch wide, doubled, golden yellow to peach tuberous begonia-like blooms all growing season over a semi-trailing habit and dark green foliage. It possesses excellent heat, sun and shade tolerance, making the ultimate statement in any garden or container. Grow in sunny to shady areas indoors and out, well-drained soil with average moisture. Feed regularly with a slow release, multipurpose fertilizer. Follow label instructions. No deadheading necessary, but helps keep the plant tidy and blooming nicely. Mulch 2? to suppress weeds, retain moisture and protect against extremes of soil temperature.

  • Sun to Shade
  • 10-18" h x 12-18" w
  • Container Gardens
  • Attracts Hummingbirds

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