Apple 'Gala' 5 Gallon

Apple 'Gala' 5 Gallon

Malus domestica 'Gala'

Second favorite apple in the USA! This all-around, multipurpose apple tree is one of the easiest to grow in home gardens. It can be pollinated by many other apple varieties including 'Fuji' and 'Yellow Delicious'. 'Gala' produces sweet-mild, juicy, crisp, fine quality, medium sized, red over yellow fruit that is great for fresh snacking, canning, and also desserts. This tree blooms mid-spring, and fruit can be harvested in late September/early October. Plant in well-drained, nutrient-rich, amended soil. Water well after planting; maintain 1" of water once a week the first year. Prune in late winter to control size and form, or after flowering. Remove dead or damaged stems at any time. Feed at least twice during the growing season, using a slow-release fertilizer in early spring and again in mid summer, according to package instructions. Mulch 2" to suppress weeds, retain moisture, and protect against extremes of soil temperature. A regular spraying schedule to reduce insects and disease is recommended.

  • Full Sun
  • 12-16' h x 12-14' w
  • Spring Blooming
  • Supports Pollinators

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