Norway Maple 15 Gallon

Norway Maple 15 Gallon

Acer platanoides

Norway maple slowly forms a broad and rounded canopy of green leaves. It produces a strong, straight trunk and excellent branching. Prefers rich, organic, well-drained soil but becomes more adaptable once established. Easy to grow, excellent shade tree that is eye catching spring through fall. Plant in well-drained, amended soil. Water well after planting; maintain 1" of water once a week the first year. Little pruning needed; shapes itself nicely. Remove dead branches or trunk suckers any time. Sap flows heavily in late winter/early spring, best to avoid heavy pruning at that time. Feed at least twice during the growing season with a slow release fertilizer in early spring and again mid-summer. Follow label instructions. Mulch 2" to suppress weeds, retain moisture and protect against extremes of soil temperature. It's an easy to grow tree tolerant of heat, drought, and pollution.

  • Sun to Part Shade
  • 30-40' h x 20-35' w
  • Shade Tree
  • Pleasing Foliage

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