Coleus 'Campfire' Quart

Coleus 'Campfire' Quart

Solenostemon scutellarioides

Celebrated for bringing bold color and textured foliage to the garden, Coleus work great as thrillers/fillers in outdoor containers and in the ground. They can also be cut back and wintered over as indoor houseplants! 'Campfire' displays blazing orange leaves with serrated foliage that makes a big impact. Plant in well-drained, amended soil. Feed with a slow-release fertilizer per label instructions. Mulch 2" to suppress weeds, retain moisture, and protect against extremes of soil temperature. Pinch or deadhead any flowers that may develop to encourage continuous, bushy growth.

  • Full Sun to Shade
  • 14-28" h x 15-18" w
  • Pleasing Foliage
  • Low Maintenance

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