Big Bluestem Grass 'Blackhawks' 3 Gallon

Big Bluestem Grass 'Blackhawks' 3 Gallon

Andropogon gerardii

A.k.a. Turkeyfoot grass, this variety is a seedling of 'Red October' with a slightly shorter habit. The foliage begins gray or blue-green in spring to a green with red tints during summer, then evolves to deep purple-black with lavender-bronze leaves and deep burgundy seed heads shaped like turkey feet in late summer. This Midwest native grass is able to thrive in poor soil including clay, sand, and dry conditions. Big Bluestem are very tolerant of drought once established, their deep roots provide excellent erosion control, and can be planted near Black Walnut trees. Flowers can be cut and dried. Plant with other sun loving natives such as Liatris, Coreopsis, and Ninebark. Plant in well-drained, average to poor soil. Water well after planting; maintain 1" of water, once a week the first year. Use slow release fertilizer in spring or at planting. Mulch 1-2" to suppress weeds and retain soil moisture. Soil that is too fertile for this variety will cause leaves to grow fast and topple over. If interested in reducing size, cut back before mid-summer to avoid cutting off the developing flower clusters that begin blooming in late summer. In general, cut ornamental grasses down as low as possible in late winter.

  • Full Sun
  • 4-5' h x 2-3' w
  • Deer Resistant
  • Fall & Winter Interest

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