Anthurium 5"

Anthurium 5"

Anthurium spp.
These indoor houseplants offers cheery, exotic flowers atop glossy green, heart-shaped leaves. The blooms are tpyyically pink, red, or white and rather long-lasting. Unlike many other houseplants that enter a dormancy period between flowering cycles, Anthurium will bloom happily amost year-round, if given enough light, fertilizer, and moisture to do so. Perfect for tabletops and as centerpieces, these plants look great on their own and when mixed with other bold tropicals or bold pottery. A natural air purifier, these plants prefer medium- or bright-light windows. They will tolerate low light conditions by producing foliage but not flowers.

  • Medium to Bright Light
  • 15-20-" h x 10" w
  • Container Garden
  • Winter Interest

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