Norfolk Island Pine 6"

Norfolk Island Pine 6"

Araucaria heterophylla
This tropical, evergreen houseplant makes a great miniature, decorated tree for homes, offices, and spaces that do not have room for a larger Christmas tree. They tolerate bright to medium indirect light or 12-14 hours of fluorescent lighting making them perfect for the workplace and schools year round. Pet friendly according to the ASPCA. Care Notes: Grow in bright, indirect light keeping the soil evenly moist with consistent re-watering and high humidity. The higher humidity will result in soft needles and better needle retention. They prefer cooler temperatures around 55-65 degrees F. Keep out of hot or cold drafts. Fertilize with Osmocote® April through October.

  • Bright to Medium Indirect Light
  • 6-72" h x 6-36" w
  • Pet Friendly
  • Pleasing Foliage

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