Assorted Bromeliad 6" - Red, Orange, or Yellow

Assorted Bromeliad 6" - Red, Orange, or Yellow

Guzmania spp. Neoregelia spp.
Please note this item listing represents an assortment and therefore, if purchased online, the item received may be any one of the specific colors mentioned herein. If you have a specific preference, we recommend visiting one of our garden centers to hand-select and purchase your bromeliad. The bromeliad family is a vast tropical houseplant species native to central and South America. It contains pineapples, air plants (Tillandsia spp.), earth stars and many more. They have exceptionally colorful foliage or bracts with diverse flowering structures, and their characteristic rosette of tightly wrapped leaves that collects and holds water for their own use. Flower colors in this assortment will be either red, orange, or yellow (we apologize that we cannot distinguish by color online at this time). Use as a table top plant for long lasting color indoors. They are people and pet safe, and good air purifiers. Grow in bright to medium, indirect lighting from an eastern or northern exposure window, or under fluorescent lighting. Prefers average to warm household temperatures, 60?-70?F. Fill their leaf rosette with fresh water every week, discard old water. Spray mist regularly and keep soil slightly dry. Supply extra humidity by setting on a shallow tray of moistened pebbles. Feed with Osmocote or Miracle-Gro April-September.

  • Bright to Medium Indirect Light
  • 36" h x 18" w
  • Container Garden
  • Beautiful Flower

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