Bismarck Palm 14"

Bismarck Palm 14"

Bismarckia nobilis
A huge plant family consisting of tropical trees or shrubs with large, compound, evergreen fronds that are arranged at the top of an unbranched stem, palms are commonly used as floor plants in large living spaces. They make excellent "thrillers" in an annual container garden, they can provide shade on a sunny porch or patio over the summer, and they make terrific indoor plants. There are palms that grow best in specific light requirements, too. One of the most elegant fan palms, 'Bismarck' palms aka Nobilis Palms are native to the island of Madagascar. They are oversized in the best way and produce blue-green to silver-grey foliage.

  • Bright Light
  • 3-15' h x 8-10' w
  • Container Garden
  • Pleasing Foliage

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