Citrus Meyer Lemon 1 Gallon

Citrus Meyer Lemon 1 Gallon

Citrus x meyeri
Incredibly fragrant and fruitful, these citrus plants are a favorite for Northeast Ohio gardeners. Not only are the blossoms incredibly aromatic, but the fruit is also sweeter than that of other lemon plants, and the thin skin comes in handy for cooking recipes. These plants are naturally shrub-like, however they are often available pruned into tree form. When grown in containers, they will maintain a size to match the size of the pot. Growing dwarf citrus trees is extremely rewarding in Northeast Ohio due to their continuous, sweetly scented white blooms, their ability to produce fruit despite a shortened growing season, their compact habit, and their adaptability in container gardens to move inside for the winter months and out again onto the porch or patio come summer with glossy green oval leaves. For the beginner, 'Meyer Lemon' is best variety to grow first, then move on to limes, oranges, etc. Be aware that some varieties produce thorns on their branches. Grow in full sun, 6+ hours of direct sun per day. Prefers warm to average household temperatures, 60?-85?F. Keep soil evenly moist to slightly dry. Supply extra humidity by setting on a shallow tray of moistened pebbles over winter. Fertilize with an acidic fertilizer such as Citrus-tone April-September.

  • Full Sun to Bright Indirect Light
  • 10' h x 12' w
  • Container Garden
  • Beautiful Flower

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