Citrus Key 'Limequat' 3 Gallon

Citrus Key 'Limequat' 3 Gallon

Citrus x floridana A hybrid of the kumquat and a key lime tree, the 'Limequat' is a fruiting citrus tree that is relatively cold hardy down to 22 degrees Fahrenheit and which produces tasty, edible fruits. Fruit is typically picked while green, and is left to ripen to yellow on the kitchen counter. The fruit's taste is similar to lime yet slightly more bitter. While the fruit is truly edible, many gardeners grow it for ornamental purposes. Best grown in Northeast Ohio in containers, the plant should be watered deeply whenever the top inch of soil becomes dry, which is about every week or so. During winter, when the plant is indoors, watering is reduced to once every couple weeks.

  • Full Sun to Bright Indirect Light
  • 8' h x 6" w
  • Container Garden
  • Pleasing Foliage

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