Bush Honeysuckle Kodiak Red® 3 Gallon

Bush Honeysuckle Kodiak Red® 3 Gallon

Diervilla spp.

This rugged, easy-growing, native flowering shrub looks great in shade and poor soils with its new burgundy foliage that turns vivid red in fall. Its clusters of bright yellow flowers add contrast during the summer into fall and attract pollinators. This is a durable, low maintenance, drought tolerant native that thrives in sun or shade, and is a very useful landscape plant for difficult sites, as well as controlling erosion. Water well after planting; maintain 1" of water once a week the first year. Little pruning is needed, but it can be cut hard, down to the ground, in late winter or early spring for a fresh start. Fertilize in early spring and mid-summer with a slow release fertilizer. Follow label instructions. Mulch 2" to suppress weeds, retain moisture and protect against extremes of soil temperature. Plant with Potentilla, Boxwood and Grasses. A Proven Winners® variety.

  • Sun to Shade
  • 3-4' h x 4-5' w
  • Deer Resistant
  • Drought Tolerant

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